Bandhas – No Entry

Stop!!! Yes, we need to stop. Amidst the hyper active life we live, it is important to press the brakes at regular intervals. And what do these pauses do to you? How do they help you? Simple, it helps you rejuvenate. Needless to say, once you are out of your break, you are more productive. What are these breaks all about? They are diversions from the route you are treading for hours together without even realizing the time spent on it, the deteriorating results and the draining mind. It is similar to advising a mourning family or ailing person to venture on a vacation to divert their minds. These recesses make life simple.

This was the first aspect of Bandhas.

How important is self-control in life? Many a times we have heard people chanting – “Control!” and responses coming “Control nahi hota” (I am unable to control). What is this “Control”? Why do we need to execute “Control”? Controlling helps one become discipline and aids in channelizing that energy in a prolific way.

This was the second aspect of Bandhas.

At this point, let me introduce you to the definition of Bandhas. Bandha means to lock, hold, close-off, stop or tighten. Bandhas are muscular, structural, physical and psychic locks wherein energy flow to that specific area is temporarily blocked. Storage of energy is created in those areas due to the blockage. Once the Bandha is released, the energy flow gushes with pressure throughout the body and brain.  Bandhas redirect the flow of energy and distributes it equally to all parts of the body resulting into strength, stability and optimum functioning of the body and mind.

Bandhas act as traffic signals that effectuate control and ensure smooth flow during high traffic conditions.

Bandhas and Pranayamas go hand in hand but they also have their own individual effects that enable in performing more advanced yoga poses.

There are four types of Bandhas:

  • Anal/Root Lock (Moola Bandh) – Moola means root or source. This bandha improves blood supply to the cervical region of the spine. It is beneficial for the thyroid gland especially hypo thyroid. It regulates metabolism.
  • Lifting of the Diaphragm/Flying Upward (Uddiyana Bandh) – Uddiyan in Sanskrit is moving up hence this bandh is termed as Uddiyan Bandha. This bandha involves the movement of the muscles of the abdomen and especially the diaphragm. It stimulates the digestive system and appetite. It also tones liver, pancreas, adrenals, urinary and excretory systems.
  • Chin Lock/Throat Lock (Jalandhara Bandh) – “Jal” means net or mesh of the energy channels and the word “Dhar” means to hold the flow of the fluid flowing through the channels. This bandh helps destroy any pain in the throat, cures thyroid problems and releases stress & anxiety.
  • Practice of all three Bandhas at the same time (Maha Bandh)

The contraction or expansion of the internal organs and nerves, changes the reactions, emotions and the magnitude of energy in the intramural of our structure. As a result, the body and mind is elevated to a peaceful state.

These bandhas are best performed in meditative postures like Vajrasana, Padmasana, Sukhasana etc. and have to be carried out by following certain inhalation and exhalation techniques.

Following are the benefits of bandhas:

  • Fosters the production and release of fresh blood by momentarily halting the flow
  • Facilitates the removal of dead and old cells by flushing them away
  • Revitalizes the organs and blood flow due to more supply of oxygen
  • Pacifies the mind through steady and controlled breathing techniques and aids concentration
  • Modulates your digestive, hormonal and other internal systems
  • Removes blockages and cleanses them, thus allowing self-equilibrium and harmony

So, as the title suggests, embrace the art of Bandhas and put a “No Entry” board to any kind of contamination to your body.

Come join me in practicing “Bandhas” at Calida’s yoga sessions for beginners in Thane West at my home through a one-on-one, only for girls format from 7 to 8am on weekdays just for Rs.500/- for the first month.

Let’s decontaminate our body, mind and soul through Yoga!!!

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