Jal Neti Kriya Yoga – My Aladdin’s Lamp

Yes, it does work miracles. The best part is, we do not need a genie for it.

Jal Neti is nasal hygiene. This technique uses warm water, Jal Neti pot and salt to purify and clean the nasal path, right from the nostrils to the throat. A Neti pot is usually small and has a long spout on one side, which is small enough to be inserted gently into one of the nostrils during the process.

The best time to perform Jal neti is either in the morning or evening.


1. This procedure ought to be done while you sit as it will enable you to remain quiet and stable. You can likewise stand and bend towards the front to let the water stream in the correct position.

2. Place the spout of the pot inside the left nostril. The cone present at the end of the nozzle should be inside your nostril.

3. Tilt your head towards the right side and open your mouth to breathe. Adjust your head to a certain point where the water streams from the left nostril into right nostril furthermore till it is finally flushed out. Proceed till the water finishes.

4. Fill the pot again and rehash the procedure with the right nostril.

You may encounter irritation in the nose, sniffling or hacking during the initial couple of times. Ensure that your nose feels dry in the wake of finishing the whole procedure. You can perform Kapalbhati Pranayama or Bhastrika Pranayama after Jal Neti as it will draw out any residue.


  • Weekly practice helps maintain the nasal hygiene by removing the dirt and bacteria trapped along with the mucus in the nostrils.
  • It soothes the sensitive tissues inside the nose, which can alleviate allergies.
  • It is beneficial in dealing with asthmatic conditions and making breathing easier.
  • It reduces ear infections.
  • It helps slacken sinusitis or migraine attack.
  • It can assuage respiratory complaints like sore throats, tonsils, and dry coughs.
  • It can clear the eye ducts and improve vision.
  • Clearing of nasal passages helps improve the sense of smell and thereby improves digestion.
  • It calms the nervous system and the mind. It also helps relieve stress and brings clarity to the mind.
  • People have experienced a reduction in their anger by practicing Jal Neti regularly.
  • It helps improve the quality of your meditation.
  • Jal neti is beneficial for hair health and prevents untimely falling of hair, greying of hair and other adverse hair conditions.
  • It helps to whet your memory.
  • It cures insomnia as well as drowsiness.


  • The nose should be dried properly after the process.
  • People with high blood pressure should avoid this kriya.
  • Take care that you do not leave any water in the nasal passages as it might cause an infection.
  • The proportion of salt into water should be kept in mind else will lead to burning sensation in the nasal region.

This kriya should only be practiced under the guidance of a yoga expert till you get it right, as it needs to be followed with precautions.

Come join me in practicing “Jal Neti” at Calida’s yoga sessions for beginners in Thane West at my home through a one-on-one, only for girls format for Rs.500/- for the first month.

Let’s activate the power of receiving the natural scents of the earth and enliven each breath!!!

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