Use Your Eyes to Save Your Eyes with this Simple 1 Step Meditation Technique

Since the pandemic struck the universe, we continue to grapple with anxiety, fear, loneliness, and other negative energies in different ways and degrees. According to Fitbit data, people desperately seek relief from the stress associated with home boundedness fragile health, and work conditions. To ensure that these bleak energies do not disrupt our mental peace and stability, many of us have resorted to meditation.

The Fitbit data also reflects a massive 2,900% increase in the meditative practice globally. Furthermore, the findings of JMIR Ment Health 2021 findings authenticate behaviors such as physical activity and mindfulness meditation to reduce the worsening of mental health deterioration attributed  to due to the COVID.

However, meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea despite its innumerable merits. When your mind is constantly preoccupied with worries, you’d agree it becomes a grueling task to focus on being still. 

So, if you share the above dilemma and find yourself struggling to meditate, do not worry; I am here to introduce you to an unusual but , simple, yet effective meditation technique – Tratak.

To be precise, Tratak is all about the eyes. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, or so you believe. Regardless of the spiritual and philosophical aspects, eyes are undoubtedly an integral part of your body and our existence. Apart from predominantly enabling sight, your open eyes can also help you keep your mind calm with meditation. 

Yes, you read that right! In the usual course of meditation, you always keep your eyes closed. So, you might wonder how open eyes can  aid meditation without any sign of distraction. That is what Tratak – the easiest Shatkarma will teach you.

Shatkarma is a purification technique in yoga, and Tratak is one of the six cleansing methods of Shatkarma. These methods prepare you for higher states of mind. They are designed for making the body and mind healthy inwardly.

Speaking about the process of Tratak, all you need is a candle or an Indian lamp, your eyes, and of course your free will. Once you are ready, place the lamp or candle light at a feet’s distance from your eye level and switch all the lights off in the room. Sit as comfortably as possible and fix your gaze at the flame just above the wick. Known as external concentrated gazing, it involves staring at the flame without blinking your eyes.

Initially, your stare might last for just a few seconds, and your eyes may become watery too. Nevertheless, with regular practice, you will be able to gaze at the flame for more than a minute, developing a laser focus vision. In addition,  your body will loosen up and feel light as your focus increases by the day, immersing you in the tiny blaze of fire.

Gradually as the gaze weakens, close your eyes and relax. Now, visualize that eternal flame alive in the darkness – a practice which is known as Internal concentrated gazing. 

Repeat this process a few times as per your capacity without straining. Other variations of this technique include staring at the moon or a black point on white paper. However, these options may invite disturbances. Therefore, candle gazing is best because it enables a complete concentration environment facilitated by darkness.

Furthermore, the fixed-gazing technique effectively strengthens the eye muscles muscles and alleviates mild eye problems. Thus, Tratak connects your eyes with and  the mind and improves vision.

Similarly, Tratak can be an insomniac’s best friend replacing sleeping pills! Practicing this technique a few minutes before your bed time can improve the  sleep quality.

What’s more? The benefits of Tratak are manifold. Have you ever noticed – when your eyeballs stops moving, your thoughts come to a standstill? Regularly implementing this technique increases the concentration power. It stabilizes your mental and nervous system and steadies your mind for memory improvisation.

But on the split side, Tratak can be harmful if practiced without due precautions. It is advisable that those who have existing eye conditions, shouldn’t practice Tratak. This exercise is also not suitable for people with psychic problems. Those who hallucinate should not practice Trataka. Lastly, It is always suggested that beginners and children should practice this meditation technique under expert supervision only as recommended.

In other words, if followed cautiously and stringently, Tratak can work wonders in your meditation journey. Personally, it has brought my chaotic mind under considerable control.  Accommodating this powerful meditative tool within my busy schedule to care for my eye health is relatively easy. I combine this practice with calming music or prayers in the background to make my mental faculties more peaceful and serene. 

Need I say any further to enhance your awareness regarding the salience of Tratak? Remember that metaphorically, your body is a lamp and your eyes are the light. They visually connect you to the beauty of the outside world. It is the sense of sight that empowers you to give a true form to things around you. Therefore, it must be cared for and nurtured. 

So, are you up for sharpening one of your most integral senses? Then, just go for it and share your invaluable experience!

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