Pranayama – Takes My Breath Away

Have you ever given a thought before breathing? Did you have to ever make a decision to breathe or not? Did you ever get weary breathing?

I am sure you did not have any authority to ask the above questions nor did you have the luxury to respond. Breath is the only voluntary as well as involuntary function in the body. Even though it is a principle activity of the body, it is taken for granted in just the same way we treat our family members.

In today’s world, needless to say, all are stressed. Some are stressed because of finances, some because of health, some because of career, some because of education, some because of the stock markets, some because of relationships and some are also stressed about making daily choices like what to wear among the heap of clothes their wardrobe has to offer as there is no other reason to stress about. May be it is a way of living to be stressed today. If you are not stressed, you are stressed if everything is fine. In such situations, you often hear advises from people to “BREATHE”.

So, why are we given this multi-dollar advise? What kind of a precious solution is this? Aren’t we already breathing?

Yes, we are definitely breathing else i would not have been writing and you wouldn’t have been reading this blog. However, we are only breathing unconsciously. We are not breathing because we want but because have to. The advises to “BREATHE” therefore are referring to conscious breathing.

Now, why do we need to breathe consciously? Aren’t there so many other conscious actions to perform and decisions to make in life? Why do we need to add this to our list? That is because conscious breathing is our anchor without which you can do nothing else in a whole complete manner. Consequentially, nothing will turn out well if we do not breathe right.

Let me get you acquainted to this process of active breathing. It is known as “Pranayama”. It is the fourth limb of “Ashtanga Yoga” (8 limbs). “Pranayama” is a sanskrit word and can be broken down into prana (breath) + ayama (suspension of breath). Pranayama is a pre-requisite for asanas. It is an exercise of the mind and soul which involves lengthening, expanding, extending, stretching, restraining, controlling and holding of breath. Pranayama is a preliminary act before concentration and meditation.

Pranayama is easy said than done because human mind is always hyper active with multiple thoughts. It is tough to calm and discipline it. However, we need to begin somewhere and pranayama techniques will assist us in reaching our goal.

Simply breathing and observing the natural breath precedes any pranayama, and is a necessary step for all practitioners. Out of the varied forms of pranayama the most known and widely practiced are: breath retention techniques(Kumbhaka), victorious breath(Ujjayi), bellows breath(Bhastrika), Skull-shining breath(Kapalabhati), buzzing bee(Bhramari), alternate nostril breathing(Anulomvilom), cooling breath(Sheetali and Sitkari). These techniques are performed in cycles. It is important to practice them as taught by a certified yoga practitioner. Experimenting with these techniques is not advisable.

Systematic practice of pranayama will sky-rocket your mental and emotional standard of living. There is no exaggeration here, look for yourself the following benefits:

  1. Increases the quality of breathing
  2. Increases the ability to breathe correctly
  3. Increases energy levels
  4. Clears all blockage in the body and ensure smooth flow of the system
  5. Inculcates calmness and positivity
  6. Increases mental strength
  7. Harmonizes the body, mind and soul
  8. Brings clarity in thoughts
  9. Purifies blood
  10. Eliminates depression and anxiety
  11. Creates an aura of letting go unnecessary worries, stress and tension
  12. Reveals the mental, emotional and physical patterns of our body

I am sure that you won’t miss a single day of Pranayama after learning the above. The best part of pranayama is you can start with it anywhere when life gets cluttered. When we understand the rhythm of our breath, we are able to control our mind instead of being controlled by it. Therefore soothe the fluctuations of life and accept Pranayama’s invitation of being mindful of life’s most important function: BREATHING.

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Come Share My Experience with Yoga….

Lethargy in the body leads to inaction in the mind and dullness of the soul. This was exactly what i was going through few months ago. Its a known and proven fact that some form of physical exercise is necessary for a healthy living. There are umpteen options to opt from.

However, where do we get the correct information and how do we understand the reliability of the source?

Moreover how to get the right guidance and how do we understand the regime suitable for our body?

To further add to our dilemma we have so many instructors in the market, how do we understand the authenticity?

Due to all of these questions grappling in my mind, i remained undetermined for years and my body, mind and soul suffered. I decided to put an end to it. Against all odds like work timings, non supportive mind and body, financial inhibitions, etc., i made up my mind to learn an ancient therapy which would align my mind, body and soul. Yes, it was Yoga. I learnt Yoga to teach myself to be disciplined. I took up a Yoga course from Yoga alliance so that, after this course i could follow a regime on my own conditions. I did not want any obstacle in my path to fitness in future.

My Journey from being completely unaware to being a basic instructor, begun few months ago.

During one of the Course session

Let me give you a very simple and modern day definition to Yoga. Yoga is well being of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system of your body. It is all about postures and breathing techniques. It improves the quality of life by de-stressing every bit of your being and enriching all the five senses of your body. It is a comprehensive package treat to your body.

The course taught me about the basics of Yoga in depth. The icing on the cake was getting acquainted with Sanskrit words. I understood the terms and practical application of Pranayamas, Bandhas and Asanas that made up the large umbrella of Yoga. I learnt different types of Pranayamas and Asanas and their benefits to humans. From Surya Namaskars to Sitting series and Standing series, i did them all. I got familiarized to the seven Chakras. I became aware of the do’s and dont’s in asanas. My body used to be very stiff and therefore i found it difficult to mold my body into the asanas initially. Later, the preparatory postures helped me to move into the final postures with the help of yoga brick and belt, which left me with immense sense of satisfaction. Yoga can do miracles but only with patience and practice. After lot of theory assimilation and practical implementation i was certified as an instructor for beginners.

The newly certified Yoga instructor

I was and am surprised to know the difference Yoga can bring to human body. Daily practice is sure to influence not only your appearance but also your moods. Yoga has made me vibrant and energetic. The best part about Yoga is that you can start with it anywhere, anytime and with least requirements. Therefore, i did not want to keep this secret of goodness to myself. I decided to spread this knowledge and art. Teaching helps the teacher as well as student grow together. It is a learning experience for both.

Freshness on our faces after Yoga session

Yoga is quite personal and may differ for each practitioner. However, I offer Multi-style yoga sessions that is perfect for the modern lifestyle. I am here to give you a personal experience and help develop the ability to get started with your quest for fitness . Come and explore!